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 Post subject: Warpath Guild Charter
PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:46 am 
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Warpath is an endgame progression guild with an emphasis on excellence from our raider base.

Our objective is simple: kill it fast and kill it clean.

To this end, all raiders are expected to maintain at least 90% attendance to guild official guild functions and come prepared with the tools required to function on their A game. This includes having the consumables on hand to perform their raid function optimally, the knowledge of the encounters for personal execution, and the presence of mind to maintain peak performance.

Warpath Leadership is based on a voting officer council that uses the guild leader for the tie breaking vote.

The Raid Leader position is a non-officer position charged with the overall direction of guild events and may have assigned delegates to perform certain functions within a raid group to affect the wishes of the Guild Leadership.

Some examples of typical delegate positions are Tank Lead, Healer Lead, DPS Lead and Main Assist.

The Tank Lead is typically the primary main tank and will assign tanks based on their class, ability and seniority.

Healer Lead is the position charged with assigning healers within the raid to optimal jobs and positions.

DPS Lead is the position charged with setting the dps comp for the raid and assign dps responsibilities.

Warpath officially raids Tuesday through Thursday, 7pm to 11pm PST. Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays may have scheduled, optional events where attendance is not mandatory.

Loot is assigned by loot council, consisting of officers and raid leaders. Deciding factors are based off performance, attendance, and the current item you're replacing.

Raiding Members have higher priority on main spec loot than non-raiders or initiates. Initiates that are brought in as full time raiders have higher priority on main spec loot than members rolling for off spec or friend and family ranks. Raiding members will have higher priority on off spec loot than initiates or friends and family.

Off spec loot and crafting patterns will be distributed by /random or officer decision.

All recruits are encouraged to maximize attendance so that performance can be evaluated, as well as so that members can get a good “feel” for how they fit within our team. After a 3-4 week (average) period as an Initiate, there will be a poll for the current raiding members to vote on whether a recruit should be considered for a full time raiding position. The officers have the final say in whether or not Initiates make the cut.

90% or better attendance is required by members wishing to retain their raider status, however exceptions can be made based on emergency or other real life situations. Raiders are encouraged to post their absence a few days in advance, if possible, to the internal forum, or to notify an officer as soon as possible when an absence cannot be avoided.

90% or better attendance is strongly encouraged to minimize raid time lost to wipes caused by inexperience.

Raiders who are not selected for a particular event are expected to be online and reachable during the event duration in case they're needed for a substitution. This rule also applies to initiates.

Standby raiders are allowed to participate in other activities, such as daily quests or leveling a guilded alt, so long as they are ready and able to receive an invite and summon when they are required.

All raiders are expected to maintain peak performance and to minimize tunnel visioning. As such, conversations about external topics in public channels during guild focus events are discouraged as they tend to be a distraction. Paying attention to the event at hand is paramount to success, so external distractions such as televisions, music players, and anything else that might impede the ability to dedicate focus to the event at hand are strongly discouraged.

If a raider feels that their attention maybe compromised by real life issues, anything from “My kid won’t go to sleep” to “My girlfriend just dumped me”, they are encouraged to request to be sat for the evening or to schedule time off so that their distractions do not bring a detriment to the raid.

We’re all part of the same team. Respect between the raiding membership is essential to maintaining focus on our primary goals. If a raider is having difficulty with another raider, they are encouraged to attempt to work out their differences in private channels, and failing that, request that an officer moderate discussion to resolve the issue at hand. Officers are busy people, so a moderation session may require scheduling.

Raiders are encouraged to help each other reach their maximum potential so that the raid can progress as quickly and smoothly as possible. As such, rather than holding underperforming members in disregard, raiders are encouraged to seek out and help underperforming members do a better job. Doing so helps the raid.

Within the context of a raid, raiders may be given constructive criticism for skills that need to be improved, however, if rapid progress towards developing necessary skills cannot be demonstrated, a raider maybe replaced by the raid leader or the officers with someone who already has the necessary skills so that the raid can progress.

Felshara - Nordrassil 90 Blood Elf Warlock

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